Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Its a Coup

Last night I have just sat through my first coup. All the action was only 5km's away and it just seemed like another Tuesday night. The first I knew about it was when I tried to access some of the online Thailand newspaper and they responded after a long wait with lots of PHP/MYSQL errors. A quick flick through the television channels were exactly the same. Pre-recorded music and images of the King.

Luckily, I could still access the CNN and BBC websites to find what was going on. Through the whole thing there was the sound of 'booms' in the distance. Luckily, nobody was shooting at each other, and it was just the usual Bangkok thunderstorm.

Today, some of the newspapers are saying the coup will not affect tourism. I would not be that optimistic, though if you are comming to Thailand, then still come. It is safe! Tomorrow, things should be back to normal.

What lessons could be learnt from this? Maybe the online newspapers need to upgrade some of their hardware. They didn't cope.... I am sure some T2000's would :)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Almost.... But no cookie today.

Recently one of my girlfriend's friends decided to do a computer course. So now she wants to buy a new computer. Cool lets go shopping. After walking around the many levels of the infamous Pantip Plaza in Bangkok, she decided she wanted a HP. Cool!

My first assumption was that since it is a branded computer, it will come with the usual Microsft Virusware installed. Looking through the documentation though, I find that it only comes with a "Free DOS Operating System". Wow, times have changed.... but DOS just makes it totally useless. HP, why not at least install a free Linux Distribution?.

Rather, than buying Windows, lets look at the options -
    Solaris Express - That would be cool. I have the DVD...
    Ubuntu - Quite nice for beginner. I also have the DVD...
    Linux TLE - Very good for her since she really only speaks Thai

So, I ask the question. "What computer course are you doing?" - Windows..... DOH!!!!

JDS has new fan

When a friend came to visit the other day, she asked if she could use my computer for a while. Hmmmm, no problems. This is a Windows only person, and my laptop only has OpenSolaris, no Microsoft Windows. I won't say a word and see what happens. Ok, so I went and watched a Thai soapy on TV (Contains plenty of hate, violence, blood and guts. Absolutely no sex! - strange logic), while she typed away.

After she had finished she commented "I really like your computer. It is nice and easy to use". Wow, It looks like the JDS team have done a good job.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Chinese Pirates

According to a report in the Bangkok Post, "Nearly half of all books, films, music CDs and software sold in China are illegally copied". Now I find it very hard to believe that it could be less than 50%. The Chinese are much smarter than that!

I have always had the view that if the sticker price is much higher than the price to reproduce, than you will always have illegal copies being made. For software, I would love for Microsoft (and others) to find a secure way of protecting their licensing of their software. This would force people to look at the alternative free Open Source software such as Solaris, BSD, Linux and Open Office. Companies like Microsoft using the old "high admission fee" model will one day have to change their ways. They maybe able to hold their market share for a little longer in the developed world, but there is a much larger market in the developing world who are much more price sensitive.