Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Almost.... But no cookie today.

Recently one of my girlfriend's friends decided to do a computer course. So now she wants to buy a new computer. Cool lets go shopping. After walking around the many levels of the infamous Pantip Plaza in Bangkok, she decided she wanted a HP. Cool!

My first assumption was that since it is a branded computer, it will come with the usual Microsft Virusware installed. Looking through the documentation though, I find that it only comes with a "Free DOS Operating System". Wow, times have changed.... but DOS just makes it totally useless. HP, why not at least install a free Linux Distribution?.

Rather, than buying Windows, lets look at the options -
    Solaris Express - That would be cool. I have the DVD...
    Ubuntu - Quite nice for beginner. I also have the DVD...
    Linux TLE - Very good for her since she really only speaks Thai

So, I ask the question. "What computer course are you doing?" - Windows..... DOH!!!!

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