Wednesday, September 13, 2006

JDS has new fan

When a friend came to visit the other day, she asked if she could use my computer for a while. Hmmmm, no problems. This is a Windows only person, and my laptop only has OpenSolaris, no Microsoft Windows. I won't say a word and see what happens. Ok, so I went and watched a Thai soapy on TV (Contains plenty of hate, violence, blood and guts. Absolutely no sex! - strange logic), while she typed away.

After she had finished she commented "I really like your computer. It is nice and easy to use". Wow, It looks like the JDS team have done a good job.


Kimmo said...

I'm a bit ambivalent, actually. JDS is almost more like Windows than Windows is, visually at least. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? :)

As for the Thai programming - isn't that typical also of US programming these days? You can slaughter a few hundred people without anyone batting an eyelash, but show a naked boob and it's a national scandal?

Geethapriya said...

hi..i m new to solaris community.I have installed solaris express on my laptop.Initially i got only CDE environment. then i installed JDS.But again i get the CDE only.I have no option called JDS in the session also..But each and every time i boot in to solaris,it asks whether to install JDS.I dont know whats the problem..Pls help me in getting JDS environment in my laptop